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The Top 4 Hidden Dangers in Your Home

And How to Protect your Baby From Them

As moms, it is in our DNA to protect our babies. But we can’t be everywhere at once, and our little munchkins don’t know the difference between safe toys and dangerous ones. Babies get hurt by mistake all the time and most often, it happens in their own home.

1. Young children are irresistibly drawn to Water, which can be adorable under supervision, but their curiosity can become deadly if unattended. We can't encourage you enough to learn CPR, it can save your baby’s life when seconds count.

2. With little ones running around just learning to walk or crawl, it's extremely important to cover up all Sharp Edges.

3. Babies put EVERYTHING in their mouth. And little ones who find themselves in our Cabinets, or drawers can get into some very dangerous things. 

4. Our baby's' little fingers are incredibly delicate. When your little one starts walking, fingers getting pinched in doors can become a very regular occurrence.

So, what can you do? In our quest to find the best ways to protect our little ones, we came across Baby Safe Guard. They have a whole line of products with solutions to every danger we’ve discussed.

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